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Product Specs and Instructions

This PDF database contains individual information sheets for almost all live SKUs. It is designed to save you time by providing answers to FAQ without having to take the time to call us.

There are now four PDF files- one more Asian product, North American products, club items and instruction sheets. The file sizes are significantly smaller than the large PDF file that once existed, so it should take less time for you to download these files.

In this database you will find:

  1. A list of all available replacement parts for SKUs
  2. The proper name for each item
  3. Overall dimensions of the item (both with and without extras like removable TV platforms, expandable carts, etc.)
  4. Identify the size of openings (drawers, space between a hutch and a desk, kneehole openings, CPU space, etc.)
  5. Size, volume, gross weight and net weight of cartons (these are the same numbers that are printed on the actual carton)
  6. Details and features for an item (ie: painted/finished back, divider drawers, convertible keyboard/pencil drawer, power center, etc.)

If you discover a discrepancy or would like something added to these pages, please contact Lora Jones either by emailing parts.order@martinfurniture.com or by calling 800.268.5669. Thank you!